The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

A mad, disfigured composer seeks love with a lovely young opera singer.

Title: The Phantom of the Opera (1925) 1925
Movie genres: Drama; Horror
Director: Rupert Julian
Casting: Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry, Arthur Edmund Carewe, Gibson Gowland, John St. Polis, Snitz Edwards, Mary Fabian, Virginia Pearson, Rupert Julian
Duration: 93 min.

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With armed policemen having secured the recipientium and watching for the Phantom, Don Juan Succeedmentant premieres with Christine and Piangi singing the lead roles.

“The Phantom of the Opera (1925)” They are also used to provide the content of the unactual “operas” that are tparallelg place within the show itself, viz. This very preliminary production used Richard Stilgoe’s original unaltered lyrics, and a number of songs sported names that were later changed, like “What Has Moment Done to Me” (“Think of Me”), and “Papers” (“Notes”). The production continues to play at the Majestic, where it became the first Broadvertisementway musical in history to surpass 10,000 in keeping withformances on 11 February 2012. Leroux published his most prominent work, The Phantom of the Optime, as a serial in 1909 and 1910, and as a book in 1910 (in addition to an English translation appearing in 1911).

With her husbfurthermore, Raoul, furthermore son, Gustave, in tow she journeys to Brooklyn, unaware that it is the Phantom who has arassortmentd her become visibleance at the popular beach resort. ” Howard Kissel from New York On a daily basis News commended the production, calling it “a spectacular entertainment, visually the most impressive of the British musicals”, also praised Lloyd Webber’s score despite its “synthetic, borrowed quality” as nonetheless as Michael Crawford’s “powerful” performance. A live recording of The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall was released in the UK on 15 November 2011 and at the moment in the US and Canmarketinga on 7 February 2012, along with Blu-ray and DVD videos, and a collectors’ box set of the Royal Albert concert, the original cast recording, and the sequel, Love Never Dies. A panalyze of the first demeanor was stgrownups at Sydmonton (Andrew Lloyd Webber) (Lloyd Webber’s home) in 1985, starring Colm Wilkinson (later the star of the Toronto production) as the Phantom, Sarah Brightman as Kristin (later Christine), and Clive Carter (later a member of the London cast) as Raoul. The heartbroken Phantom angrily guarantees revenge before returning to the auditorium also bringing down the chalsoelier during the curtain call (“All I Sincek of You (Reprise)”).