The Flip Side

Mired in debt, Ronnie (Emily Taheny) is a struggling Adelaide restaurateur looking after her elderly mother and living with good-hearted boyfriend Jeff (Luke McKenzie). Five years ago, while catering on a film set in Australia, she had an intense affair with British movie star, Henry (Eddie Izzard). Despite wild declarations of love, as the movie wrapped so did the relationship, crushing Ronnie's heart. When Henry's French girlfriend Sophie (Vanessa Guide) calls to say they will be in Adelaide on a promotional tour Jeff excitedly agrees to meet up and unwittingly creates the perfect opportunity for Henry to seduce Ronnie all over again. 'The Flip Side' taps into the intricacies of relationships, ambition, and love when mixed with a bloody good shiraz.

Title: The Flip Side 2018
Movie genres: Comedy; Romance
Director: Marion Pilowsky
Casting: Eddie Izzard, Tina Bursill, Vanessa Guide, Luke McKenzie, Hugh Sheridan, Tiriel Mora, Emily Taheny, Jodie Dry, Carmel Johnson, Susie Youssef, Marion Pilowsky
Duration: 90 min.

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