The San Francisco Story

In 1856, San Francisco is the scene of political battles between criminal organizations led by corrupt politicians and Vigilantes Committees formed by honest citizens. Title: The San Francisco Story 1952 Movie genres: Western Director: Robert Parrish Casting: Joel McCrea, Yvonne De Carlo, Sidney Blackmer, Richard Erdman, Florence Bates, Onslow Stevens, John Raven, O.Z. Whitehead, Ralph […]

The Man from Utah

In a horse-riding rodeo contest bad guys want John Weston to lose. When he doesn’t go along they add some insurance: a poisoned needle just under his saddle. Title: The Man from Utah 1934 Movie genres: Action; Adventure; Crime; Romance; Sport; Western Director: Robert N. Bradbury Casting: John Wayne, Polly Ann Young, Anita Campillo, Edward […]

Round-Up Time in Texas

Gene and Frog arrive with a herd of horses for Gene’e brother, a diamond prospector whose work has attracted the interest of a bunch of badguys. Title: Round-Up Time in Texas 1937 Movie genres: Western Director: Joseph Kane Casting: Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Maxine Doyle, The Cabin Kids, Champion, LeRoy Mason, Earle Hodgins, Dick Wessel, […]

Roamin’ Wild

Trouble has been reported in Placerville where Tom Barton's brother is the Marshal. Arriving Tom finds a phoney Marshal in his brother's place. Learning that Clark is behind the all the trouble and that he is after the Madison stage line, Tom joins up with Mary Madison to fight Clark while he also looks for […]

Billy the Kid – Trapped

Stanton breaks Billy and his two friends Fuzzy and Jeff out of jail. He wants them free so three of his men can impersonate them for the robberies and murders he has planned. Title: Billy the Kid – Trapped 1942 Movie genres: Western; Adventure; Action Director: Sam Newfield Casting: Buster Crabbe, Al St. John, , […]

Texas Cotton

An aging lawman is convinced a mysterious stranger arrested in his small town is innocent. His investigation stirs up a hornet’s nest that will change the town forever. Title: Texas Cotton 2018 Movie genres: Crime; Mystery; Western Director: Tyler Russell Casting: Terri Merritt Bennett, Vincent Berger, Jamie Callahan, Gail Cronauer, Juliette Danielle, Torren Davis, Jason […]

A Man a Horse a Gun

A cynical gunfighter, aided by an elderly prophet, becomes involved in a feud with a bandit gang trying to obtain a stagecoach made of solid gold. Title: A Man a Horse a Gun 1967 Movie genres: Western Director: Luigi Vanzi Casting: Tony Anthony, Daniele Vargas, Marco Guglielmi, Jill Banner, Marina Berti, Dan Vadis, Raf Baldassarre, […]

Buffalo Bill

The story of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, legendary westerner, from his days as an army scout to his later activities as owner of a Wild West show. Title: Buffalo Bill 1944 Movie genres: Biography; Romance; Western Director: William A. Wellman Casting: Joel McCrea, Maureen O'Hara, Linda Darnell, Thomas Mitchell, Edgar Buchanan, Anthony Quinn, Moroni Olsen, […]

King of the Grizzlies

Ernest T. Seton, an American artist and author, tells the story of a mighty grizzly. Title: King of the Grizzlies 1970 Movie genres: Western; Family Director: Ron Kelly Casting: John Yesno, Chris Wiggins, Hugh Webster, Jack Van Evera, Wahb, Winston Hibler, Ron Kelly Duration: 93 min. Watch full King of the Grizzlies movie online for […]

El Paso – staden utan lag

In El Paso, lawyer and ex-Confederate captain Clay Fletcher forms a vigilante group to bring law and order to a town where the judge is a drunk, the sheriff is corrupt and the town is run by a crooked landowner. Title: El Paso – staden utan lag 1949 Movie genres: Western Director: Lewis R. Foster […]