Working Class Boy

Based on Barnes’ memoir of the same name, this documentary tells the story of his childhood survival in the slums of Glasgow, immigration to Australia, and how he became the lead singer of Cold Chisel. Title: Working Class Boy 2018 Movie genres: Documentary Director: Mark Joffe Casting: Jimmy Barnes, Jim Duffy, Jack Oliver, Bill Brouwers, […]

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood

A portrait of unsung Hollywood legend Scotty Bowers, whose bestselling memoir chronicled his decades spent as sexual procurer to the stars. Title: Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood 2017 Movie genres: Documentary Director: Matt Tyrnauer Casting: Scotty Bowers, Peter Bart, Stephen Fry, Robert Hofler, William Mann, Matt Tyrnauer Duration: 98 min. Watch full Scotty […]

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

An intimate look into the life and work of the revered master comedian and actor, Robin Williams. Title: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind 2018 Movie genres: Documentary Director: Marina Zenovich Casting: Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Pam Dawber, Whoopi Goldberg, Bobcat Goldthwait, Eric Idle, David Letterman, Steve Martin, David Steinberg, Valerie Velardi, Marina Zenovich Duration: […]

The Bray Road Beast

In the early 1990's a rural Wisconsin community called Elkhorn was at the center of a series of real-life werewolf sightings. As local reporter, Linda Godfrey, began her investigations into the "Beast of Bray Road", other reports from around the country, and soon, the world, began flooding in. For the subsequent three decades, the Beast […]

Smashing Pumpkins: If All Goes Wrong

A full concert filmed in late July and early August of 2007 over five of the 11 sold-out nights at the famed Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, CA. Features seven all new tracks not available anywhere else, along with new versions of fan favorites and a selection of Pumpkins rarities. From the opening note to […]

American Dope: Cold War Heroin Heat

"Cold War, Heroin Heat" tells a tale of corruption stretching from 1920's Shanghai through the Vietnam War and onto the streets of New York circa 1970. In the quest to fight Communism, even before the Cold War began, the U.S. Government allowed Asian and European criminal syndicates to ravage the American population with Heroin in […]

Pope Francis: A Man of His Word

Pope Francis travels the world speaking to those in need and delivering a message of hope. Title: Pope Francis: A Man of His Word 2018 Movie genres: Documentary; Biography Director: Wim Wenders Casting: Pope Francis, Joe Biden, Daniele De Angelis, Carlo Falconetti, Evo Morales, Ignazio Oliva, Paul Ryan, Wim Wenders Duration: 96 min. Watch full […]

Fighting For A City

The story of a young boxer on the road to his dream; a world title fight in his hometown of Leeds. On the way, we meet an extraordinary family, a father who trains his son and the most passionate fans in boxing. The film is set against the backdrop of one city; Leeds. Half aspirational […]

Desert Age: A Rock and Roll Scene History

Desert Age: A Rock and Roll Scene history is a feature length documentary about the California desert rock and roll scene from the early 1980s and 1990s. Title: Desert Age: A Rock and Roll Scene History 2016 Movie genres: Documentary Director: Jason Georgiades; Jason Pine Casting: Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Jason Georgiades, Jason […]

The Gilligan Manifesto

Title: The Gilligan Manifesto 2018 Movie genres: Documentary Director: Cevin Soling Casting: Dawn Wells, Russell Johnson, Sherwood Schwartz, Rennie Davis, Cevin Soling Duration: 85 min. Watch full The Gilligan Manifesto movie online for free, Download The Gilligan Manifesto full length movie: I loved the movie from beginning to end. This film is a very nice […]