Download 911: Officer Down free

A vigilante hijacks a police car and prowls the streets of Los Angeles disguised as a cop, serving his own brand of street justice. Title: 911: Officer Down 2018 Movie genres: Action; Crime; Thriller Director: Christoph Kositza Casting: Javier Badillo, Enigo Bain, Devon Baker, Darcy Baldwyn, Kayne Cumberland, Al Dales, Kris Dinelle, Devenne Drege, Jaime […]

Download Quai des Orfèvres free

Jenny Lamour wants to succeed in music hall. Her husband and accompanist is Maurice Martineau, a nice but jealous man. When he knew Jenny is making eyes at Brignon, an old businessman, in order to get some engagements, he looses his temper and threatens Brignon with death. But Jenny went anyway to a rendez-vous at […]

Download The Boss of Big Town free

A criminal plot to control produce and dairy products during the wartime emergency is foiled by an courageous undercover city market official. Title: The Boss of Big Town 1942 Movie genres: Crime; Drama; Mystery; Romance Director: Arthur Dreifuss Casting: John Litel, Florence Rice, H.B. Warner, John Miljan, Jean Brooks, David Bacon, Mary Gordon, Frank Ferguson, […]

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A bizarre fight in a dive bar-laundromat among four New Orleans low-lifes is revisited from each person’s perspective, revealing an intricate web of harrowing, horrific, & hilarious service industry intrigue. Title: Laundry Day 2018 Movie genres: Comedy; Crime; Drama Director: Randy Mack Casting: Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, Kerry Cahill, Samantha Ann, Billy Slaughter, Carrie Anne Rose, […]

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John steals money and a bracelet/temporal dislocator from a Chinese antiques shop. Fleeing, he triggers the device and goes minutes back in time. The time travels result in new Johns and they form the Mega Time Squad. Title: Mega Time Squad 2018 Movie genres: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Crime; Sci-Fi Director: Tim van Dammen Casting: Morgan […]

Download The Story of the Kelly Gang free

True story of notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly (1855-80). Title: The Story of the Kelly Gang 1906 Movie genres: Biography; Crime; Drama; History; Western Director: Charles Tait Casting: Elizabeth Tait, John Tait, Norman Campbell, Bella Cola, Will Coyne, Sam Crewes, Jack Ennis, John Forde, Vera Linden, Mr. Marshall, Charles Tait Duration: 70 min. Watch full […]

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A young man returning home to attend a wedding hooks up with a drifter who turns out to be a violent bank robber. Before he knows it, the man finds himself involved in the robber’s plans. Title: Kansas 1988 Movie genres: Crime; Drama; Romance; Thriller Director: David Stevens Casting: Matt Dillon, Andrew McCarthy, Leslie Hope, […]

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A Vietnam vet adjusts to life after the war while trying to support his family, but the chance of a better life may involve crime and bloodshed. Title: Dead Presidents 1995 Movie genres: Crime; Drama; Thriller; War Director: Casting: Larenz Tate, Keith David, Chris Tucker, Freddy Rodríguez, Rose Jackson, N'Bushe Wright, Alvaleta Guess, James Pickens […]

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An older doctor in a rural area takes on a younger physician as his partner. When the older doctor's wife is found murdered, the man becomes the chief suspect, especially when he suddenly disappears. His new partner doesn't believe he did it, though, and sets out to find the real killer. Title: Death of an […]