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The story of the tumultuous relationship between a successful actress and a struggling writer. Title: Tyhjiö 2018 Movie genres: Comedy; Romance Director: Aleksi Salmenperä Casting: Laura Birn, Tommi Korpela, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Matleena Kuusniemi, Kaija Pakarinen, Kari Heiskanen, Boyana Balta, Allison Davies, Jörn Donner, Barbara Eliodorio, Aleksi Salmenperä Duration: 97 min. Watch full Tyhjiö movie online […]

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When the Maharaja is ousted by an intruder, his wife and two sons, Badal and Jingu, flee. Badal gets separated while Jingu and his mother survive in near destitute conditions. Years later, Jingu has grown up to be a strong, muscled man, and sets out to seek Badal. Instead he encounters the region's wrestler, King […]

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When his girlfriend visits him during winter break, an agoraphobic twentysomething begins to suspect that his house is haunted. Title: Happy Endings Are a Rarity 2017 Movie genres: Comedy; Drama; Horror; Romance Director: Michael Bardon; Blair Hoyle Casting: Will Bryant, Paige Smith, Cullen Ries, Phil Culton, Stefani Cronley, Tyler Stafford, John Lineberry, Delante Randolph, Blair […]

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Yu began to worry about his ex girlfriend and hesitated to make a decision on an abortion or allowing a birth of their baby. This also sparks a conflict accidentally with his present lover. Title: An Accidental Shot of Love 2015 Movie genres: Comedy Director: Wei Zhou Casting: Entai Yu, Hongjie Ni, Wang Jinchun, Rui […]

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A documentary following Canadian artists and their ability to break into the comic book industry while dealing with fandom and the craze of comic book conventions in Canada. Title: Heroes Manufactured 2016 Movie genres: Documentary; Action; Adventure; Comedy; News; Reality-TV; Sci-Fi Director: Yaron Betan Casting: Neal Adams, Vitaly S. Alexius, Gillian Anderson, Sanya Anwar, Andre […]

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A spoiled young rich girl is forced by misfortune to fight for survival in the slums and alleys, where she becomes involved with all manner of unpleasantness. Title: The Hoodlum 1919 Movie genres: Comedy Director: Sidney Franklin Casting: Mary Pickford, Ralph Lewis, Kenneth Harlan, T.D. Crittenden, Aggie Herring, Andrew Arbuckle, Max Davidson, Paul Mullen, Buddy […]

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Lavinia and Suzette, former rock groupies and best friends, reconnect after twenty years; one is still as wild as ever, while the other has adopted a more conservative lifestyle. Title: Banger Sisters, The 2002 Movie genres: Comedy; Drama Director: Bob Dolman Casting: Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon, Geoffrey Rush, Erika Christensen, Robin Thomas, Eva Amurri, Matthew […]

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A student who can smell ghosts work together with a dead senior classmate to investigate a murder from 50 years ago. Title: Senior 2015 Movie genres: Comedy; Drama; Horror; Mystery; Romance Director: Wisit Sasanatieng Casting: Sa-Ard Piempongsan, Kara Polasit, Pongsakorn Tosuwann, Jannine Parawie Weigel, Wisit Sasanatieng Duration: 104 min. Watch full Senior movie online for […]

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A New Orleans entertainer falls for a pirate who has another identity. Title: Buccaneer’s Girl 1950 Movie genres: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Musical; Romance Director: Frederick De Cordova Casting: Yvonne De Carlo, Philip Friend, Robert Douglas, Elsa Lanchester, Andrea King, Norman Lloyd, Jay C. Flippen, Henry Daniell, Douglass Dumbrille, Verna Felton, Frederick De Cordova Duration: 77 […]

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A story of four friends who leave their jobs as painting laborers and venture into the world of fisheries with the help of an old Lambretta scooter. Title: Pettilambattra 2018 Movie genres: Comedy Director: Syam Lenin Casting: Rony Raj, Levin Simon Joseph, Indrans, Jenson Alappat, Irshad, Chempil Asokan, Ullas Pandalam, Syam Lenin Duration: 122 min. […]