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Nin Gang Yiu (Jimmy Lee), after training for the hard time, he decided to go to the outside world and join the 4th prince (Norman Chu) for gaining the king's position. Eventually Yiu alongside with Pai Tai Hau (Alan Hsu) decided to make a rebellion towards the 4th prince for the justice. Title: Yong zheng […]

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A group of Liverpudlians goes to Middlesborough to lay a tarmac road. Title: The Black Stuff 1980 Movie genres: Drama Director: Jim Goddard Casting: Michael Angelis, Tom Georgeson, Alan Igbon, Gary Bleasdale, Peter Kerrigan, Bernard Hill, Jean Warren, Janine Duvitski, Edward Peel, David Calder, Jim Goddard Duration: 110 min. Watch full The Black Stuff movie […]

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Title: The Moment 1980 Movie genres: Director: Astrid Henning-Jensen Casting: Ann-Mari Max Hansen, Søren Spanning, Kathrine Helmuth, Thorbjørn Rafn, Lisbeth Movin, Helle Merete Sørensen, Gert Vindahl, Bjørn Ploug, Poul Thomsen, Jan Maagaard, Astrid Henning-Jensen Duration: 88 min. Watch full The Moment movie online for free, Download The Moment full length movie: You are a lucky […]

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Follows the early career of Marilyn Monroe and her relationship with Hollywood agent Johnny Hyde. Title: This Year’s Blonde 1980 Movie genres: Drama Director: John Erman Casting: Lloyd Bridges, Constance Forslund, Norman Fell, Vic Tayback, Michael Lerner, John Marley, Richard Seer, Lee Wallace, William Frankfather, Philip Sterling, John Erman Duration: 100 min. Watch full This […]

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Advocate Nivaran Chatterjee lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small town along with his wife, and three sons. His first son is married, while his second son, Kedarnath, who suffered a head injury, is a little senile, and his third son, Amarnath, is a brilliant student. Amarnath falls in love with Beeni Mukherjee, who is […]

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Title: The Prick 1980 Movie genres: Comedy Director: Mariano Ozores Casting: Fernando Esteso, Rafael Alonso, Francisco Cecilio, Jenny Llada, Violeta Cela, Manuel Zarzo, Antonio Gamero, Antonio Ozores, Florinda Chico, Francisco Camoiras, Mariano Ozores Duration: 90 min. Watch full The Prick movie online for free, Download The Prick full length movie: The film provides decent and […]

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Title: Tú estás loco Briones 1980 Movie genres: Director: Javier Maqua Casting: Esperanza Roy, Quique Camoiras, Pablo Sanz, Santiago Ramos, Lola Gaos, Manuel Alexandre, Ricardo Palacios, Walter Vidarte, Abel Vitón, Florinda Chico, Javier Maqua Duration: 90 min. Watch full Tú estás loco Briones movie online for free, Download Tú estás loco Briones full length movie: […]

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Michel left Marseilles to Italy when he was twenty years old. Courageous and active, he has succeeded in the construction industry. Thirty years later, his return to Marseilles, for his aunt's burial will abruptly change the life of all of his family, who was first fascinated by his social success. He is regarded as the […]

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A romantic comedy which explores the pressures on police officers. Title: The Black Marble 1980 Movie genres: Crime; Romance; Comedy; Drama Director: Harold Becker Casting: Robert Foxworth, Paula Prentiss, Harry Dean Stanton, Barbara Babcock, John Hancock, Raleigh Bond, Judy Landers, Pat Corley, Paul Henry Itkin, Richard Dix, Harold Becker Duration: 113 min. Watch full The […]


The film is set in a terrorizing world of the future, where technology commands the movements of individuals, supervised by the doctors, carrying out a program to improve the human race. Thus, instead of doctors creating a monster, the monsters are already there as the species of the future – but one of them is […]