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An ex-soldier with a criminal past takes refuge in the woods. A demonic figure seeks the seed of killers and the blood of the damned to feed his mandrake garden. DIS is an infernal descent into the root of the mandrake legend and a man who wanders too close to that legend and the unnamable terror behind it. What you sow you will reap.

Title: Dis 2017
Movie genres: Horror
Director: Adrian Corona
Casting: Bill Oberst Jr., Lori Jo Hendrix, Peter Gonzales Falcon, Anne Voitsekhova, Manuel Domínguez, Adrian Corona
Duration: 61 min.

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Movie running time is 61 min. Film belongs to Horror genre, made in mid 2017. I loved Dis movie from beginning to finish. Dis film is a very cool movie, that filled with lots of fantastic action. We hope that you will like this action. 😉 Tweet this film and share with friends.