A Bride’s Revenge

Owning a successful hair salon and about to be married to the man of her dreams, MIYA doesn't think things can get any better. Things quickly begin to fall apart when she receives a wedding invitation – to the wedding of her fiancĂ© Ian and his ex-fiancĂ©e Lori. Soon Miya is being stalked by an eerie bride dressed in a wedding gown and veil and Ian begins to suspect Miya might be making it all up. When a series of horrifying events start to occur, Miya is convinced that Lily is carrying out a twisted and deadly plan of revenge.

Title: A Bride’s Revenge 2019
Movie genres: Thriller
Director: Robert Malenfant
Casting: Katie Leclerc, Jeff Schine, Hannah Barefoot, Ben Gavin, Kendra Carelli, Nick Ballard, Charles Christopher, Jan Daley, Denny Dormody, Kent Faulcon, Robert Malenfant
Duration: 90 min.

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